Review the market landscape and its main eTailers,
PUDO networks, Cross-border activities and
dedicated niches such as 2-Man Delivery and Small Packets

Effigy Consulting provides up-to-date knowledge on the e-Commerce landscape within 32 European countries (EU 28, Switzerland, Norway, Russia and Ukraine) for the following topics.

Main eTailers’ volumes and delivery services

Quantitative and qualitative review of eTailers such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Zalando, bol.com, etc.: as some strong eTailers are becoming active in last mile delivery, we can assess the share of internalisation of their shipment volumes, including analysis of their Marketplaces.

PUDO network analysis per country

The variety of PUDO (Pick-Up and Drop-Off) and Brick & Mortar models combined with the development of new technologies are changing the B2C/C2B/C2C services within the CEP market, opening it to new entrants and creating a more cost-effective business model.

Our research on PUDO networks can provide you with a mapping of the relevant players (including emerging ones) in all European countries.

  • Points of delivery used
  • Types of PUDO
  • Service offers and player strategies
  • Partnerships
  • Evolution of competitive landscape
  • Load capacity analysis per country
  • Peak time management

2-Man Delivery market analysis for the main European countries

  • 2-Man delivery market analysis including White Glove delivery
  • Market sizing
  • Active Carriers on this segment
  • Analysis of the e-consumers’ needs versus the eTailers’ constraints and the market (carriers) offering

Small Packets

Small Packets are parcels carried through Mail products (0-2kg). This fast-growing segment is gaining more or more interest due to the boom of Chinese imports.

Small Packets were initially commercialised by Postal operators and most of the time accounted for in the Mail divisions. Nowadays other carriers are gradually offering products with similar features in order to capture these activities and generate business with the eTailers.

The main characteristics are as follows:

  • No lead time commitment – it can be more than 15 days for International, especially for Chinese imports
  • No or limited T&T (Track & Trace)
  • No or limited POD (Proof of Delivery, except for registered mail) – but often IOD (Information of Delivery)
  • Various thickness limits by carrier
  • Pricing aligned with letter prices and therefore often much cheaper than parcels
  • Sorted and distributed either in letter or in parcel network, depending on the thickness. Can sometimes induce manual sorting, e.g. China Post outbound to Europe for some ‘oversized’ packets.
  • Often not subject to customs clearance, versus mandatory customs clearance for parcels (Chinese imports)

Outbound cross-border trade lanes and China Imports

Review of main players’ activities from one country to their main European and cross-border trade lanes, as well as Worldwide destinations such as China, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, India, South Africa, Russia, Switzerland, etc.

Other important reviews

In E-commerce and more specifically the B2C segment, it is also important to understand and benchmark CEP players within their own market(s) in order to differentiate their offerings and their approaches towards customers and prospects.

Complementary analyses can be performed on the following topics:

  • Product and VAS (Value Added Services) mapping
  • Pricing and discounting policies per carrier (selected carriers in selected countries) per customer segment