Your favourite partner for
your business development
Our team of International Experts can support you
onsite thanks to their extended hands-on experience
at Senior Management Level
Our CEP Market reviews are carried out across Europe
as well as selective countries in the Americas,
Asia/Pacific and Africa from 2012 to 2016
Review the market landscape through main eTailers,
PUDO networks, Cross-border activities and
dedicated niches such as 2-Man Delivery and Small Packets
Full European Road Freight Market review
Top 20 Players landscape per country (30)
Scheduled Palletized Market Drill Down
Available database with 43,000 data points
It is not just about Selling in a store or via an e-Commerce platform,
it is about providing an unforgettable Customer Experience

Effigy Consulting focuses on Management Consultancy and Market Studies, mainly in the fields of the CEP Market and e-Commerce.

Our core Services includes

  • Business Consulting thanks to hands-on experience within large companies at senior management level
  • Market Research with a focus on the CEP market, including B2C/C2C/C2B drill-downs and Last Mile Delivery, and on the Freight market
  • E-Commerce Analysis reviewing the market landscape and its main eTailers, PUDO networks, Cross-border activities and dedicated niches such as 2-Man Delivery and Small Packets
  • Omni-channel Development combined with an outstanding Customer Experience

Europe remains our prime market, however, we also have the capability to set up research projects in other regions such as North America, LATAM, Asia/Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

We have also developed a set of European market reports related to the CEP, Freight and the PUDO networks

Our team includes more than 20 experienced consultants who were active for many years as business experts within different geographies prior to working as consultants.

We have world class customers, references and partnership

Effigy Consulting has several European and Global operators and Public institutions among its references, including the European Commission (DG GROW) and Investment funds.
We have set up a strategic partnership in the area of E-commerce with