Published on 09/05/2023

Effigy Consulting, the global leader in CEP Market data, has just completed its extended CEP Market review of 42 countries worldwide and more than 300 carriers for 2021, and has started the assessment of 2022.

The CEP market has grown in 2021 by more than 22% reaching more than 165bn parcels. Effigy Consulting assesses 80-85% of the total market, so it is fair to say that the total Global CEP market represents around 195bn parcels worldwide.

The predominant share of volume is driven by the countries’ Domestic markets (93.9%), followed by the Intercontinental flows (3.3%) and the Intracontinental flows (2.8%). Domestic volumes have been boosted during Covid (+27.9% in 2019, +33.4% in 2020 and +22.8% in 2021).

If you add the Small Packets (light parcels carried via the Postal Mail network) and the Heavy Weight parcels (up to 70kg), the Global market is close to 200bn parcels in 2021.

The largest countries are China (113bn), USA (20bn), Japan (5.9bn), Germany (4.1bn),  United Kingdom (4.1bn), India (3.9bn) and France (1.8bn). Note that China’s Domestic volumes represent more than 50% of the total Domestic CEP Market with close to 110bn parcels.

The current parcels estimate excludes all movements through Freight, Pallets, Contract Logistics, Air Cargo Linehauls, etc.


    The largest carriers worldwide are logically from China, due to their activities on the Domestic segment, ZTO being the leader, followed by Yunda and YTO Express. Note that Amazon’s volumes are limited to ones they carry themselves through their FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) units.


      If you remove the Domestic market segment and focus only on International Export activities (including cross-border), the top 10 worldwide ranking appears as follows, where carriers such as DHL (Express and Parcel), Geopost (part of Groupe La Poste), GLS (part of Royal Mail Group) have a strong presence.


        A preliminary estimate shows that growth has slowed down in 2022 compared to the previous years. Our current estimate for the Global CEP market growth is set at around -3.5% in Volume. Note that Revenue trend is positive since it has grown faster as carriers have been focusing on ‘quality’ shipments and have increased their average prices.

        Effigy Consutling has started to release preliminary data on 2022, further details on 2022 for dedicated countries will be provided in our next communication.

        All the information above is available in our Regional CEP Market reports (Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific) with many more details by carriers and segments, including a preliminary review of 2022 and a 5-year forecast.


        For more in depth information, please refer to our CEP Market Reports Section.