Published on 22/04/204

Effigy Consulting has just completed an early assessment of the 2023 Nordic Parcel Market.

The total Nordic CEP market has slightly grown in revenue by 1.6% and decreased in volume by 0.8%. This represents a total revenue of 5,114m€ and 854m parcels, excluding Small Packets

Both the pandemic and the war in Ukraine had major economic consequences and led to market price increases, reducing purchasing power for Nordic households. Nevertheless, the Nordics parcel & logistics market is characterized by strong competition with price pressure, and by the use of alternative technologies and means of delivery, e. g. parcel lockers.

The best performing country among the Nordic countries is Norway with a growth of 3.5% in revenue and an increase of 1.7% in volume.

The Domestic segment (+2.4% in revenue and -0.8% in volume) has outperformed International (+0.9% in revenue and -0.9% in volume).

Within international, Nordics parcel import volumes performed better than export with 1.0% versus -3.8% respectively.

Regarding the Recipient segment in the Nordics, the strongest growth was seen in the C2C segment, in large part due to the success of second-hand platforms such as Vinted, with a growth of almost 5% in volume. The B2C segment has remained stable in volume, whilst B2B has dropped by more than 3%.

Overall in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden:

  • Several local carriers have managed strong double-digit growth, e.g. Airmee.
  • Posten has enjoyed the strongest growth among the Postal operators.

The Nordic countries seem to be performing below the 2023 preliminary European average. Further details on Europe’s performance will be released soon through a dedicated post.


    Nordics Parcel Market 2023

    Note that these are very early estimates based on Effigy Consulting data science, using a mix of first released sources and internal estimates. Effigy Consulting will update its data in June following the availability of further sources.


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